Welcome to Pixphone

Pixphone is a gallery of pictures that are  taken with a smartphone, and which can be edited with apps such as Snapseed or Pixlr

Today most of us carry a camera. Owning a relatively recent smartphone can enable almost anyone to take excellent pictures. One of the main advantage is to be able to take snapshots anywhere at anytime. One can easily retain a memorable  moment, or take the time to make pictures even, without the hassle of having to plan in advance, least carry a heavy camera. One of the great novelty is to take picture of oneself (selfies) without requiring the help of a third party. Everything has been made in order to make us want to take pictures and everything has been made to facilitate us this task. Additionally, everything is done in order for us to share our own images with the greatest number.

Additionally, it is possible to edit, reframe, better and even transform our pictures without leaving the phone... Some applications offer us a variety of tricks, filters and layers that allow the imagination to push beyond known limits. We can improve and edit them, but also turn such pictures into original creations; that is images that are 100% unique. Snapseed and Pixlr are two of my favorite apps, but there are plenty of others that are very nice as well. Then you are only one step away from sharing on Instagram, other social medias, or even post on a personal site like the one you are reading right now.

Video has also become exceedingly qualitative on our smartphones, and the effects offered by applications enable for a more cinematographic and/or experimental dimension making a movie in a few seconds. Pixphone is also dedicated to videos, provided they are made with y smartphone.